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Garage doors services in Biddeford

Garage doors today are an important part of any residential and commercial property’s functionality. However, more than that they can also be an important boost to the aesthetics of any property. From upgrading a property to making a garage have greater function in all weather conditions, installing a new garage door opener or a new garage door can be a definitive plus for almost any type of property.

For people who are considering the installation of a new garage door for residential or commercial use in the Biddeford area, there are some great garage doors at a good price that are available. K&S Overhead Door Company are here to help you!

Large collection of garage doors

K&S Overhead Door Company offer a top quality garage door from Garaga and a superior garage door opener by LiftMaster. With these superior quality garage doors and garage door openers, property owners can be assured that we will give them the very best quality for their money. Our garage doors offer great insulation against the elements, and this is an important asset for people who battle the inclement weather that can plague Biddeford residents throughout the year. Our garage doors and garage door openers are energy efficient and highly durable, giving property owner’s years of use and enjoyment.

Garage door repairs in Biddeford

For the homeowner or commercial property owner who is looking to get their presently installed garage door opener, or garage door repaired, K&S Overhead Door Company has been in business for many years and we specialize in fixing all types of garage doors and garage door openers.

Our technicians are specialize in the repair and installation of all types of garage doors, including commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural. We know that Biddeford consumers have varied needs for garage doors, and we strive to cater to all consumers need for garage doors.

No matter what Biddeford consumers are looking for regarding garage doors, whether repair or replacement-- we are a full service garage door company. Consumers who are looking to install top quality garage doors, they can be assured with us they will have their choice of many different styles and colors. We can ensure your new garage door and garage door opener are a valued property improvement. Our technicians and sales professionals can guide you through the process of repairing or installing any garage door or garage door opener, so you have confidence you are in the best of hands.

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