How long has LiftMaster offered…?

Here is a reminder of some important dates and information:

  • June 2023: the new generation of jackshaft door openers
  • May 2023: the arrival of the video Keypad
  • April 2023: launch of the new 84504R with camera and battery backup
  • October 2022: addition of the 84501 model to the new product line
  • August 2021: launch of 4 new models of Next Generation residential door openers. With a new design and added Bluetooth, they replace some models.
    • The 8550WLB, WLED and 85503 will disappear to become the 87504 267, now with a camera
    • The 8580WLB becomes the 87802
    • The 8360WLB becomes the 84602
    • The 8355W becomes the 84501, its AC motor is replaced by a DC motor
  • January 2020: new door opener equipped with an integrated camera (model 85503).
  • October 2019: update of the 888LM wall button which becomes the 889LM model: update of the myQ system on internet gateways.
  • May 2019: addition of a backup battery on the 8360W opener.
  • April 2019: announcement of partnership with Amazon Prime for garage parcel delivery service. Service available in the US only and scheduled for 2022 in Canada.
  • August 2018: launch of the very first door opener equipped with an LED light.
  • June 2018: integration of standard Wi Fi on the 8165W door opener.
  • March 2018: announcement of the discontinuation of the model 8557W in the LiftMaster product line.
  • February 2018: start of the new version of the wall mounted door opener with battery backup and integrated Wi‑Fi (8500W).
  • October 2017: announcement of partnership between LiftMaster and Apple for the compatibility of residential door openers with the Siri application.
  • August 2017: introduction of an automatic garage door lock available as an option on certain models.
  • 2017: As of August, some LiftMaster and Chamberlain door opener models are additionally equipped with Wi Fi technology.

    Another way to check it out is from the "LEARN" button on the motor chassis. Take a step ladder and go check the color of the Learn button. Remove the plastic cap that protects the lightbulb and see if the button is:

    • Orange: then it’s a door opener made between 1996 and 2005, equipped with the Security+ system.
    • Purple: means a door opener made between 2006 and 2014, equipped with the Security+ system.
    • Yellow: it was made after August 2012 and is equipped with the Security+ 2.0 system.
    • and since the middle of 2017, Wi Fi (the logo is seen on the motor chassis) has been integrated into door openers in addition to having the Security+ 2.0 system. This button is also Yellow.
  • 2013: the debut of MyQ technology from LiftMaster.
  • 2006 to 2012: Security+ with 315 MHz frequency.
  • 1996 to 2005: LiftMaster equips it door openers with the Security+ system, using rolling code technology.
  • 1993 to 1995: remote transmitters were equipped with Billion code technology and the frequency used was 390 MHz (note: the 390 MHz frequency is used by American aircraft at certain military bases and could interfere with signals used for garage door openers).
  • Before 1993: remote transmitters were programmed using switches (+, 0, -).
  • 1993: in the US and Canada, the mandatory addition of a photoelectric safety reversing system for residential door openers, meaning door openers then had 2 safety systems, mechanical and photoelectric.

Note that the dates mentioned about are approximate. There could be a difference of a few months and one year could overlap another.

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