What types of lubricants for garage doors are found on the market?

Garaga provides two types of lubricants to keep your garage door working smoothly.


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For your safety and that of your loved ones, we recommend that you contact a garage door technician to evaluate the state of your whole door system or to replace a defective part. Get a free written estimate.

Weather stripping lubricant

Garaga has developed a silicone-based lubricant for protecting all your weather stripping against premature wear and tear. For your perimeter frame weather seal in PVC, your bottom weatherstripping, or your weather seal between sections, apply it to protect from among other things, ultraviolet rays. As this lubricant is silicone-based, it collects no dust or dirt.

Lubricant for PVC parts
Lubricant for PVC parts

Metal lubricant

This petroleum-based lubricant is designed to protect all the metal hardware components of your garage door. It protects your rollers, hinges and your spring system against rust, but especially reduces the noises caused by parts rubbing against each other.

Lubricant for metal parts
Lubricant for metal parts

Should I perform regular maintenance on my garage door?

Yes. Garaga recommends doing preventive maintenance every 18 months, starting 2 years after your purchase, or 2 times a year if your door is over 2 years old. Carry out this maintenance at the start of spring and before winter arrives. View our maintenance manual for further information.

Also, take a look at this useful blog. If you want to evaluate whether your garage door needs professional adjustments from a technician, see this one.

But if I don’t have the time, can you do it for me?

But if I don’t have the time, can you do it for me?

If you are too busy, we can come and give your system a tune-up. For a small fee, our professional technicians will carry out a 10-point verification of your whole garage door system including lubricating and making any needed adjustments. If any defective part needs to be changed, you will always be consulted before it is replaced.

Contact us to get this tune-up… just like you would do for your car.

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