Will adding windows to my garage door really enhance its look?

Definitely yes… and it’s proven. As your garage door is often 30 to 40% of your home’s façade, if it has attractive decorative windows that go with your main entry door, you’ll be surprised at the “wow” factor you’ll generate. What’s more, your real estate agent will let you know that if the garage door is eye-catching and attractive, you’ll be able to sell your house faster.

We carry an extensive range of window models and sizes to coordinate wonderfully with the architectural style of your residence.


Need help?

To help you make an “enlightened” choice when purchasing your new garage door, contact us! What’s more, we can provide you with a free quotation.

Can I match everything with the windows of my house?

Certainly! Bring along a few photos of your house or your architect’s plan, and we’ll show you the most appropriate garage door window model that goes well with your home’s windows and entry door. For instance, if the window in your entry door has glass with a sandblasted ink finish, you can match that with the windows in your garage door.

Should I place my windows in the 3rd or the 4th section?

Based on the architectural style of your home, here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • If you are looking for a certain degree of privacy or security while letting in daylight, the top section is the best location
  • If you want windows for looking outside or inside the garage, the 3rd section of your door is the perfect place.
  • If the 3rd section is where you want to put them but you want to keep some privacy, request mirror or dark gray tinted panes. With these you can see outside well but it is very difficult to look in.

The best way to know what your new garage door will look like is to view it by using our Design Centre.

Will putting windows in my garage door affect the overall R‑value of my garage door?

Yes, and it depends on the quality of the windows you want to add. If you consider the R‑value of your overall garage door system very important, we advise not adding windows. Probably the windows on the other walls will be sufficient to supply natural light to your garage.

A sealed double pane window, commonly called thermo or thermopane, provides an R‑2 level while a polyurethane-injected, 1 ¾" (45 mm) door yields a value of R‑16.

Acadia 138, Carriage House SP model, 14’ x 8’, Ice White, Orion 8-lite windows
Acadia 138, Carriage House SP model, 14’ x 8’, Ice White, Orion 8-lite windows
Standard+, MIX model, Standard unit (40 in x 13 in) windows
Standard+, MIX model, Standard unit (40 in x 13 in) windows
Standard+, North Hatley, (40 in x 13 in) Orion 8-lite windows
Standard+, North Hatley, (40 in x 13 in) Orion 8-lite windows

To view all our Garaga door models, simply use our Design Centre. This way you can create your next dream garage door!

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